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Who We Are

CPA Nashville, TN
Principal Accountant


Alex Jerkins is one of the most enthusiastic and well rounded professionals you will meet. His expertise ranges from business accounting to individual tax as well as audits and appraisals. Alex received his Masters in Accountancy from Lipscomb University where he graduated at the top of his class with the honor of Cum Laude. With several years of experience under his belt and a CPA license, Alex is driven towards taking care of and providing the best to each and all individuals that come his way. 

Bookkeeping Fairview, TN
Our Firm


At Jerkins Business Solutions you are guaranteed the best service and at an extraordinary price. We are experts in accounting, tax, and finance, and our people are distinguished by their knowledge, discipline, and unremitting commitment to the success of clients. We strive towards the success of clients and view each engagement as uniquely important. Rather than impose cookie-cutter solutions, we listen to clients and respond to needs, thereby developing effective plans that address both current priorities and future goals.


Our Values

Integrity: Be fair and accurate, honoring commitments and doing what is right.


Knowledge: Have the technical and in-depth knowledge to better serve our clients.


Excellence: Strive for excellence and quality in all that we do.


Success: Achieve profits and growth to make our values and objectives possible.


At Jerkins Business Solutions, our values influence everything we do!

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